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Savings Star

August 5, 2013

I’ve heard a few questions about Savings Star.

They have a mobile app as well.

Saving Star is digital coupon website. The difference between Savings Star and other digital coupons is that the coupon does not come off at the register, it’s deposited into your bank account after you’ve reached $5 threshold in savings. You also have the option to turn it into a Paypal gift card. Amazon Gift Card or donate to the American Forests.

What you do is you go to Savings Star’s website and load all the information on each of your store loyalty cards Kroger, Publix, CVS, Safeway . . . whatever you have. Savings Star will track your purchases at each of those stores. This is really cool because it will work at most stores. Once you reach $5 in savings you can cash out your savings at their website.

A couple things to keep in mind
(1) Each coupon only applies to one item and you only get one of each coupon. For example if you wanted to buy 3 boxes of pasta and savings star had a coupon for it. You ‘d need two other paper coupons to get the maximum savings.
(2) The Savings Star coupons are manufacturer coupons. This means that they cannot be used with other manufacturer coupons. These coupons cannot be stacked with manufacturer coupons. They can be stacked with store coupons.

There is one exception to this sometimes they have a coupon called one or more where it would look like this $5/$15 Proctor and Gamble Products. This is like a catalina coupon and it can be used with manufacturer coupons.

(3) Once a coupon has been loaded to a card they have no way of getting it off. So if I know that I have a higher value paper coupon, I might not want to load the Savings Star coupon unless I was buying more than one product.

The Krazy Coupon Ladies have done a video about Savings Star check it out here *Please keep in mind that with any links I share that there coupon usage may be different than mine.*

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