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Question from a reader

August 5, 2013

I got a comment on the Coupon for Paula Facebook Page  recently from a lady. She uses coupons but has a hard time finding deals. Her  problem is very common. One of the most common misconceptions about coupons is that you buy things you don’t need because you have them and they don’t save you any money. 

Every week that coupons come out the stores want you to use them right away. They even have little ads beside the coupons sometimes listing the price of the items at their store. It’s easy to think “Great, I’m sure the item is on sale and I have a coupon for it. So I’ll get a few this week.

Please remember this, just because you have a coupon for an item doesn’t mean you need to buy the item now or ever if you can’t donate it or your family won’t use it.  I’ve been talking about coupon organization today for this reason. We need to have a way to organize our coupons. Whatever method you use to organize your coupons keep in mind that the store prices vary like we talked about yesterday. Sometimes the item that the coupon is for is full price sometimes it is half price (stock up). This is why it’s important to follow a coupon blogger that covers your store.

The best way to utilize your coupons is to wait until the item is on sale or has a promotion and then use the coupon. This is the way to get the best deals on your families favorite products.

Here’s an example

Let’s say there was a coupon for .50/1 box of Original Cheerios , your store will double to $1. ( I’ll get into doubling later) You buy 4 papers because there is a lot of coupons that your family uses.

Your local grocery store’s sales
(Week of coupon) Cheerios Week 1 $3.50
Cheerios Week 2 $3.00
Cheerios Week 3 $2.00
Cheerios Week 4 $3.00

The week to buy your 4 boxes of cereal and get the best price is Week 3. If you buy the cereal on Week 3 you’ll get each box for $1. Compare it to buying the cereal on Week 1 you’d spend $2.50 on it.

If you have not found a coupon blogger that covers your store please let me know.
I hope this helps, if you need further clarification let me know. I’ll be talking about why you want to buy more than one of a product when it’s at it’s lowest price (stockpiling) tomorrow.

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