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Extreme Saving – Minimum Effort Maximum Reward

August 5, 2013

I’ve been sharing with tips for saving money over the last few days. Saving money has sometimes been over-complicated.  It doesn’t have to be. :)

Over the past  few days we’ve been talking about how supermarkets can save you  money, more money than you can save in the stores you’ve been avoiding.

But is it really possible to spend less money and less time in a supermarket than you would in stores like Walmart, Target, Kmart etc that have dropped Paula?

Yes, if you plan it right.


You see all the things we’ve been talking about using menu’s, following sales cycles, using coupons on the items your family purchases when they are on sale, stockpiling, and following a coupon blogger  each play a part in your savings. It’s like a puzzle if you are  missing some of the pieces it won’t come out the way you want it to.


Remember to find a coupon blogger with a website to cover your store. You may need to look at your ad to see good deals on meat and produce. Briefly scan the other departments as well.   Some  times the bloggers only cover the best deals or the deals with coupons.  It usually takes me 30 min to review my ad and see what the best deals without coupons are and  meat and produce is on sale. Each region can sometimes have different meat and produce on sale.  Go to the store website enter your city and state. Many stores have an option to look up meat and produce.


Please  keep in mind that not everything is cheap or free, especially if you are buying meat and produce. :)


Here’s how I would plan my trips


I would look at my ad (takes about 30 min)

I  would go to a blogger that covers my store and review their best deals.( 15-20 min)

I would pull my coupons (20 minutes if I have a lot )  I just file mine according to date and insert

Then I would jot down a quick menu with what I had and what was on sale

Put my coupons in a small accordion file



Here is an idea based on a recent sales ad for Kroger. This is a bit of a slow week so  this is what you can typically expect. :)


Thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady for the ad match up :) *Please keep in mind that with any links I share, their coupon usage may be different than mine.*



Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.99 lb


Produce including Frozen

Bird’s Eye Frozen Vegtables  $1.17 after coupon


Dairy.  Refrigerated and Frozen

Birds Eye Voila Meal $2.49 after coupon



Kellogg’s Cinnamon Jacks $1.29 after coupon

Eight O clock Coffee $2.99 after coupon

Green Mountain K Cups $2.99 after coupon


Buy 4 Save 4 Promo (Final price reflect promotional price)

General Mills Cereals $1.38 ea after coupon wyb 2

Chex Mix, Bugles or Gardetto’s .74 ea wyb 2 after coupon

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.49

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.58 ea wyb 2 after coupon


Grocery List – if something is not in the ad I list an approximate price.


Then after going to the Krazy Coupon Lady  where I got the best deals of the week. I would then  make a list with things that the Grocery store  had in the ad.



(2) Boxes of Kellogg’s Cinnamon Jacks $2.48 after coupon

(5) Generic Yogurts .30 ea $1.65 (in ad)

(2) Eight O Clock coffee  $5.98 after coupon

(1) Kroger Orange Juice $1.5o (in ad)

(1)  Dozen of Kroger Brand Eggs $1.25 (in ad)

$12.86  plus a coffee for next week



(2) pkgs of Kroger Brand Lunchmeat $5 (in ad)

(2)Loaves of Bread $2 ea (approx)

(2) Generic Mac and Cheese $1.50 (approx)

(1)Peanut Butter (2)

(1) Bag of Doritos $2.50 in ad

$14.50 for lunch



(3) Bird’s Eye Voila $7.50 after coupon

(3 1bs)  Chicken Breast $6.00

(1) Bag of Sliced Cheese  $2.50

(1) Brown Rice $1.00

(1) Jar of Kraft  BBQ Sauce $1.oo

(4) bags of Bird’s Eye Frozen Veggies $4.68

$22.68 for dinners


Snacks and misc

(1) Kroger Fruit Snacks $1

(4) Chex Mix, Guardetto’s, or Bugles $3/4 wyb 4 after coupon

(2) Milk $6.40

(2) Kroger Ice Picks Popsicles $2



$62.44 for the week.  You may want to add in whatever fresh fruit and veggies are on sale at your store.


So how do we make this work for our family to eat all week? Here’s where menu planning comes in If we plan a menu we will save time and money in the store, and throughout the week since we’ll have a plan on what to have for the week


Here’s a sample menu


Milk, Eggs, Cereal, Orange Juice, Yogurt, whatever fruit is cheapest



PB Sandwiches, Lunchmeat, Mac and Cheese,  Leftovers



BBQ Chicken w/Rice + Frozen Veggies

BBQ Chicken w/Baked Beans+Frozen Veggies

Birds Eye Voila X 3

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (if you need butter that will cost a little more) + Frozen veggies

Breakfast for Dinner Eggs and toast with whatever fruit is cheapest




Chex Mix, Guardetto’s, Bugles

Fruit Snacks


I hope this gives you an idea of  how you can save at a grocery store. After reviewing the ad, visiting your favorite bloggers match up of the cheapest deals, and planning a menu based on what’s on sale you can put a list together to shop.  It will probably take a little over an hour at first while you are looking at the ad and so on but then your grocery planning and thinking about what’s for dinner is done for the week.  A list like this also helps to fend off impulse purchases and last minute trips to the store. You can save a lot of time by planning ahead and putting together a  menu for the week as well. Many grocery stores are laid out the same and if you have an organized list you can be in and out of the store in 30 minutes.

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