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CVS 101

July 7, 2013

I’m sure that most of you have a drugstore where you live.  Most people assume that drug stores are the most expensive places to shop. But if you learn to shop successfully at drugstores, you can get grocery, and personal care items for cheap or even FREE!


The first thing you need to do at CVS is to get a store card. You can only get the CVS deals each week with a store card. Each household is limited to one card. When you register your card they will also email you coupons, some of the coupons I get on a regular baisis are 20% off 25% off $4/$20 and $5/$25


At each CVS store they have a red coupon machine, if you can’t find it ask someone to help you. They are usually pretty easy to find.  Scan your card each week to get coupons.


When you have a store card register it online, you can get coupons from them when you log into their website.  Look under Extra Savings or click here when logged into your account.


Sign up for CVS emails at the bottom of any page there is a space to sign up for emails.


Make sure to sign up for the CVS beauty club here For every $50 purchase you get $5 in Rewards. The purchase doesn’t have to be made at once ,  each time you make a participating beauty items purchase with your card they track it. You can see how far away from it you are by looking at your receipt or by going online and checking. It usually takes two days for the rewards to show up, unlike the regular Extra Bucks which show up right away.


Every week there are items that offer Extra Bucks, purchase those item to see the savings really add up!


Each time you purchase an item with Extra Bucks rewards attached to it, you get those rewards the same day! You can even use them on your next transaction


Some of you may be thinking I won’t spend $20 or let alone $50 to get those discounts. Here’s the kicker those prices are BEFORE coupons and any Extra Bucks you have. 🙂 Here’s an example


Here’s a practice scenario for you

John Frieda Shampoo $4 Spend $15 get $5 in Extra Buckss

Gilette Body Wash $4 Spend $12 get $4 Extra Bucks

Pretend like you have a $5 reward from a previous transaction and a $5/25 coupon that was emailed to you.



Buy (4) John Frieda $16

Buy (3) Gilette $12

Total $28

– $5/$25  coupon that was emailed (always use the $X/X coupons first to make sure they come off  the highest total

– (2) $3/2 coupon for John Frieda

– (3) $2/1 coupon for Gilette

$11 dollars

– $5 Extra Bucks from a previous transaction

$6 for all 7 items and you get 9 in Extra Bucks to use on your next transaction. You also have $16 toward you $50, shampoo is a participating product , but body wash is not. To see the participating products go to the beauty club page  and click on how it works.


Also be sure to print out a copy of the CVS coupon policy, each stores handles coupons differently. CVS has a great policy,and it’s easy to follow. Here’s a link to it   There is Beginners Guide to Shopping at CVS video , some of thier policies have changed since, but this is a good source for someone that is just getting started.



Let me know if you have any questions about shopping at CVS.


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