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Walmart’s grocery challenge ads. Are they a little deceptive?

July 5, 2013

I’m sure most of you have seen Walmart’s ads where they show customers being excited about their savings. In these ads they are implying that the only place to get inexpensive groceries is at Walmart. In my 4 years of couponing and following sales cycles I have learned that this is very untrue.  This is one of the reasons I was never a big Walmart shopper to begin with. I can routinely beat Walmart’s price with a sale price/promo/gas points/coupons. All of these 4 factors together are what can make shopping at grocery stores cheaper than shopping at Walmart.

I have a few articles for you to check out if you want.  I did not write these articles. They were written by Jill Caltaldo and  found on her website. For these of you who are unfamiliar with Jill Cataldo she is the leading Coupon Teacher in the country.

Here are some articles relating to some of Walmart’s potentially deceptive  advertising strategies :

1) The truth behind the Walmart Challenge ad’s

2) The Walmart Challenge is Challenged by grocery stores and other retailers.

3) Walmart’s receipt  comparison tool. Is it Deceptive?

What are your feelings about this?  Do you think that these ads are deceptive?

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