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Savings 101 – Menu Planning

July 2, 2013

Another easy way to save money while supporting other stores and spending your money wisely is to plan your menu around the sales at the stores each week. Menu planning can be as simple or detailed as you like. I personally make a note of what I have in my fridge and freezer. When I make my grocery list, I look at what’s on sale and make a general notes like this

Breakfast cereal, yogurt, pop tarts ..
Lunch Lunch meat, tuna, soup, leftovers . . .
Dinner Pork baked beans, chicken potatoes, fish fries . . .

Menu planning will save you time and money in the store. I don’t how many times I used to ask my husband pick something up on the way from work because I’ve forgotten it. If you plan simple meals it will also save you money in that you won’t have to eat out so much.

Try to have a meatless night a couple times a week. Some great options that still include protein are Breakfast for Dinner (eggs are very cheap) , beans are also a great inexpensive option for protein. My family usually has a pasta night once a week.

Each week there are rock bottom sales in every department Last week I got a sale on Greek yogurt, they had a promo that when you buy 7 items you get $4 off. That was $3 for 7 Greek yogurts, without coupons. . I got the same promo for 7 Progresso Light soups, it was $10 for 7 of them. Also pork loins, whole chicken, and frozen fish fillets they were on sale so I bought them. I also bought rice and potatoes, and french fries.. That’s what we’ll have this week for dinner. This week pasta is .88 a box and ore ida fries are $2 each when you buy $3. Boneless skinless chicken breast is $1.99/lb, this is what we’ll have next week. Your grocery store will have sales and promotions that are similar.

What are your favorite way to plan menu’s?

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