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Savings 101 – Grocery Stores vs Big Box Stores

July 2, 2013

The first thing to understand about grocery stores is that they are not all that expensive if you know how to shop them  The difference between big  box stores and Grocery stores is that big box stores have “everyday low prices” and grocery stores have sales. Each week in every grocery store, they will have rock bottom prices in every department from meat, produce, dairy, and grocery. The key to successful shopping at grocery stores is to buy what is on sale, look for terms like Buy one Get one Free, 40%-50% off, promotion buy $x amount, and save $X, one last things to look for is stores that offer gas promotions.
When a store has a gas promotion, for each dollar you spend, you rack up gas points. Sometimes they even offer promotions where if you buy a certain product you’ll earn gas points. These are all great ways to save. None of them require coupons. The first thing to remember about saving money is that coupons are just a small factor in your overall savings. I think of it like this, when you get a great deal, most of the savings come from a promotion or a sale, not the coupon.

What are your favorite tips about grocery store shopping?

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  1. Paula Hayes permalink
    July 3, 2013 2:53 am

    My favorite thing about grocery shopping in smaller stores is Aldi !!! They have super produce for a fraction of the cost. They are small , easy to shop, easy checkout and you bag your own food. The savings is about 40% less than what you spend at larger stores. We also have a local butcher who has weekly specials and bulk specials so you could spilt with a friend or store it away in your freezer. I do shop at our local Ingles w/ a store card to maximize my savings and earn gas points to save .10 a gallon on gas.

    • July 3, 2013 3:28 am

      Great job! I have an Aldi pretty close by too, and they have great deals!

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