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Weekly Weight Loss Update (Week 2)

June 22, 2013

I had a great week.  I’m still having a little trouble sticking to the meal plan I have  but I’m definitely making progress. This week my weight went from 219 to 212, that’s 7 pounds. 🙂 I paid closer attention to what I was eating, and I worked out for a 40 minutes one day, and for over an hour the next day.


This week my goal is to stick to my menu plan, and to work out 5-6 days a week for an hour a day.


For workout’s I have a number of  DVD’s and a few workout machines.  I do Zumba in the mornings or afternoons, and I use my treadmill in the evenings.  In a couple weeks I’m considering adding a short 20 minute Jillian Michaels DVD into my workout schedule during the afternoons and do Zumba in the mornings.


Here is some workout DVD”s and workout equipment I’ll be using.

Zumba Exhilerate

Jillian Michaels DVD’s


Total Gym

Ski Machine


Here’s a look at my menu plan. Most of the food listed is part of my stockpile. Last night I spend about $30 on groceries. We also had a $20 gift card I used for produce. My weekly budget is  $80-$90. The last couple shopping trips I stayed well under that. I’m looking forward to utilizing my $80-$90 grocery budget next week! 🙂



Each day I choose a protein and a carb as well as a fruit. I make myself drink water first thing in the morning, as I’m trying to wean myself off of diet soda. I let myself have two glasses of diet soda a day, as time goes on I will limit myself to one.  I do rotate my diet soda with water.

Greek Yogurt

Dannon Light and Fit


Whole Wheat toast

Special K Cereal



Lunch (pick one protein and carb and one veggie)

Tuna sandwich on wheat


Lunchmeat on Whole Wheat



Dinner (pick one)

Salad with lunchmeat

Whole Grain Pasta (before 5 pm) with Pasta sauce

Roast Pork with Brown Rice

Ground Turkey with Brown  Rice



Snacks (pre + post workout) One protein and one carb

Fiber Plus Protein Bar

Greek Yogurt

1 Tbsp of Peanut butter


1/2 c of cereal

Snacks throughout the day 4+ servings a day 2 will be Fruit, the rest will be vegetables.






Frozen Veggies

What I eat past 6:00 at night


Frozen Veggies

(possibly) Greek Yogurt 


I’m really looking forward to seeing my progress next week. How are you doing with your health and fitness goals?

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