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Gas promo starting 6/9 at Martins

June 9, 2013

The sale starting tomorrow at Martin’s is a reallyyy good one! 🙂 There several really good promo’s, but one that  really got my attention is one the last page of the ad. When you buy 6 participating items you get .40/gallon. The limit on this promotion is 10 times. If you did this transaction 10 x’s , you could get $4.00 off a gallon. That equals to FREE GAS!

A couple things about this promotion:

1) If you want the lowest price items included in the promotion, go on Sunday.

2) Please don’t clear the shelves,.I know I’ll be getting  4 transactions of the Yo plait Greek, but if they don’t have enough for me to do 4 transactions with enough left  for other people too, I’ll just come back later in the week.

3) Your grocery expenditures will be higher this week, but if you purchase the lower priced items you can get $4.00/gallon (a $50-$60 savings) while spending under $100. After that savings your grocery expenditures for those items could be

as low as  $25.

4) You can mix and match any of these items.

5) I called the store this morning, and while gas is $3.25 at Martin’s, and with the promotion you can get up to $4.00/gallon, you will not loose the extra 75 gas points between the 325 and 400 gas points. You can use the extra 75 or whatever remaining balance there would be  on a  different trip.

The limit on this promotion is 10 x’s per household.


Here are all the participating items

Buy 6 and get .40/gallon

Sargento Shredded Cheese 5-8 oz pkg $2.50

Kraft Singles Yellow, White, Velveeta or 2% 14.7-16 oz pkg  $3

Minute Maid :Lite Lemonade or Iced Tea 59 fl oz $2

Fleischmann’s Egg Beaters 15-16 oz ctn $2.50

Smart Balance Spread 13 – 15 0z pkg  $2.50

Smart Balance Milk $2.50

-$1/1 Smart Balance Milk 5/12 Smartsource

International Delight 4-pack Iced Coffee $3.99

YoPlait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt $1.oo

– $1/5 Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt


-$1/5 Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt

Dannon Light and Yogurt 4-pk $1.66

Lactaid Milk 64 fl oz ctn $3.oo

.50/1 Lactaid Milk Product (Martin’s will double to $1)


.55/1 Lactaid Milk Product (Martin’s will double to $1)

Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese 4% or Low fat 2% 24 oz pkg

-.45/1 Daisy Cottage Cheese in the 6/2 RP (Marin’s will double to $1)

Maggio Ricotta or Mozzarella Whole milk or Part Skim 16-32 oz pkg  $3.99 

Kraft Polly-O String Cheese 9-12 oz pkg  $4.00 

Dole Refrigerated Juice 59 fl oz cont. $2.50

Bay’s English Muffins 6 ct $2.09

Pete and Gerry’s Organic Large Brown Eggs  12 ct. $3.99

Pure Leaf Real Brewed Tea 59 fl oz $2


If this list and the task of putting together 10 transactions seems a little overwhelming to you, it’s understandable. I was a little overwhelmed when I first heard about this deal last night. I was excited, but very overwhelmed. 🙂  This promotion is mix and match.  Buy any 60 of these products, and get $4.00/gallon of gas. I thought it might help if I showed you how I’ll be doing  this deal. Please keep in mind that if they are out of a certain item, you can always come back later in the week. Just be sure to do your trips with 6 of the participating items at a time, to get the gas points.

(24)  Yoplait  Greek Yogurts $24

– (2 $1/5 Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt

(18) 4 packs of Dannon Light and Fit $29.88

(6) packages of Sargento Shredded Cheese $15

(6) Smart Balance Butter Spread $15

(6) Bay’s English Muffins $12.54

Total $90

Gas points earned with promo 4,000

Gas points earned with spending over 100 .10

For my family and the vehicle we drive this would save us $65

Total after gas points promo $25


This is a great example that you don’t need coupons to save a lot of money. 🙂 I only used 7 coupons in my transaction and they saved me less than $10. The majority of the major savings here is the promotion that the store is offering.

Have fun shopping this week, I know I will. Now I need to go clean out my fridge to make more room! 🙂


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