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Back finally :) . . .

April 14, 2013

Sorry for being gone so long.  My life’s been crazy these last few months but things are finally settling down now.  🙂

I’ve become more focused than ever on getting down to a healthy weight.  I’ve joined the  Jillian Michaels  online program . ( You kind of have to be pretty serious about your weight loss goals if you’re following Jillian Michaels plan) 😛  It’s really budget friendly, I think it’s a little over $50  each quarter. I”ll be following her food guidelines as best as I can on my budget, but I also want to prove that you can eat really healthy on a strict budget.

I’ll be posting my weight and my weight loss goals on Monday.


Other posts you can expect to see in addition to my healthy on a budget focus  are:

Martin’s deals

CVS deals

Rite Aid Deals

Target Deals

Food Lion deals

Fashionista Friday’s (I love shopping and fashion so I’m really looking forward to starting these soon.)

Weekly Menu Plan

I’m so glad to have the opportunity again to share my love of  of a healthy lifestyle on a budget with all of you. You’ll be seeing a lot of fashion posts as well. I truly believe that it is possible to eat healthy on a budget and I look forward to the new challenge the Jillian Michaels program provides. Stay tuned for  a CVS scenario tonite.




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