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My Weight Loss Journey

September 13, 2012

I’ve always had a problem with my weight. My highest weight was around 190, that might not sound that high, but keep in mind that I’m very petite. I’m 5’2, and smallboned as well.  I never really dieted much till I went to a local community college. I got down to about size 12 or so from a size 16 or so before I went off to a 4 year college.  Like most college students, I put weight on.  My highest size was 16, and there were times that those were tight as well.

My mom is really tall and thin, and she  always fed us healthy foods growing up. I just loved sugar. 🙂 I remember  getting extra money, we didn’t get  candy very often,  so when my brothers and I got extra money that’s what we spent it on when we were little. My brother got a candy bar,  I went and got  the small penny candy,  and lots of it. 🙂  Candy and sugar in general is  still struggle with me,  and I don’t allow it in  the house.

I was in my mid – 20’s when I decided that I wanted to loose weight,and  keep it off.  My weight  had crept up to 190, and the size 16’s I was wearing were getting tight.  I think it was around 10 years ago, that I went on Weight Watchers. I watched my portions  meticulously,  and I weighed and measured everything.  It took me a couple of years to loose the weight because I did no exercise.  I have learned to really enjoy exercise in the last couple of years, but  PE was my least favorite class in school.  I got down to 123 in 2004. It was amazing to fit into a size 6 and sometimes even a 4.  Really, I had no idea that I could even be skinny.

I got married in 2005, and I kept the weight off for the most part for a couple of years.  In 2007, my weight was creeping up a little I think I might have been around 140-145, and then I got pregnant with my little girl. My weight was pretty healthy throughout my pregnancy, after I had her I was down to the 140’s.  I was so thrilled, I couldn’t believe it!  My weight wasn’t far off of my goals of being in the 120’s.  Figuring that the rest of my weight would come off with nursing,  I ate  like I was told to.   You need extra calories when your nursing.   Here’s the problem, never TELL me to eat. I started to eat and, eat and, eat you get the idea.    The nursing wasn’t working out, and I probably ate out of stress as well.  Another issue that still affects is that I let my emotions get the best out of me, and I eat sweets thinking I’ll feel better. It doesn’t work.  🙂

Before long, I was going to Weight Watchers meetings, and I did really well till I hit the 145-150 mark.  I’ve been there a couple of  times, and always give up because the weight doesn’t want to come off.   I’m not sure Why this happens,  for some reason I have a really tough plateau when I hit that range.  Any insight here would be very helpful! 🙂 Right now I’m in the 180’s, and I’ve be following a new diet plan called Higher Fitness.  I’ll go more  into detail sometime in the next couple of weeks. I’ve started eating healthy  this week, and I’m already seeing exciting results. (Yes, I know weighing yourself every day isn’t a good idea,  I’m trying to break myself of it) 😉

I never want to be unhealthy like this again, so another goal of mine is to find the source of why I keep doing this to myself.  I’m a Christian, and what I absolutely love about Higher Fitness is that it incorporates God and the Bible into the program.  I want to be healthy so that I can keep up with a very active 4 year old.  If only I could bottle her energy up, I’d be set.  😉

In addition to  eating healthy foods, and watching my portions.  I exercise 5 days a week. I have a treadmill, and there’s free exercise shows on Direct Tv.  I don’t have room in the budget for a gym membership,  or expensive diet plans.  Right now, I’m eating the best I can on the budget that my family has.  I’m hoping to have all the weight off by next summer. That gives me 9 months to loose 55 pounds or so.  This goal is realistic for me, and I can stick with it.


What are you favorite ways to live healthy on a budget?

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  1. September 17, 2012 12:29 pm

    looking forward to following your journey! I am on my journey too! Thanks for stopping by Monkeys & Tutus today! following you now and liked ur facebook!

    • September 17, 2012 1:10 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Misty! I’m looking forward to following your weight loss journey as well. I know that we can do it! 🙂

  2. September 17, 2012 12:33 pm

    What a great story! You should be proud of yourself–I am! Funny that you mentioned you thought the pregnancy weight would come off by nursing–same thing I thought, and that totally didn’t happen as fast as I thought it would! My baby girl is almost one and I’ve JUST gotten down to a few lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight. Maybe it’s because I’m chasing after the fastest crawler known to man lol 🙂

    Now that I’ve written a book–thanks for stopping by and following! I’m also your newest follower 🙂 I love your coupon posts, as we’re living on a tight budget these days. I try to feed my family healthy meals by searching for coupons/store deals and going to the farmer’s markets around here. I’m getting better at it.

    BTW–I’m co-hosting the Super Sunday Sync next week, so be sure to link up again (and send word to your bloggy friends!)

    xoxo, Kera

    • September 17, 2012 1:09 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Kera! My little girl gets around really fast too. Before I can even tell her not to get into something she’s already made a mess with it. 🙂 Time moves so fast when you have little one’s, mine’s in preschool 3 days a week now that she’s 4.

      Thanks so much for following me on Facebook.

      I really believe that it IS possible to eat healthy on a budget, it just takes creativity and planning sometimes. 🙂

      Congrat’s on Co Hosting the Super Sunday Sync, I’ll make sure to stop by!


  3. September 24, 2012 12:29 am

    Best of luck on your weighloss journey! I’m anxious to keep up with you while you do it 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving those sweet comments!


    • September 24, 2012 12:47 am

      Fotini Thanks so much for stopping by again! Your blog has so many amazing craft ideas. I wish I was better at that stuff! 🙂

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