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Awesome deal on Crystal Light Pure at Martin’s

September 5, 2012

I don’t know how many of you have a hard time drinking water by itself, but it’s something I really struggle with. My husband thinks I’m crazy but I just HAVE to add something to water. 🙂  I love Crystal Light because it’s a great way to add flavor  to water. Crystal Light is very low in calories. Did you know that  there’s a new kind of Crystal Light that is sweetened with Stevia? I discovered it about year ago, and my daughter and I really like it. It has about 15 calories per serving, and it’s sweetened with a mixture of Stevia and sugar. Instead of giving my daughter Kool Aid, I give her this and she really likes it.

Right now,  Martin’s, a local grocery store, is having a promotion on Kraft Products including Crystal Light. When you buy $10, you get $10 back in the form of a Catalina coupon, which can be used on your next transaction.  This week Crystal Light is on sale for $2. This is a pretty good price already, it’s what Walmart and Target charge for it. The promotion should work on the Crystal Light Pure as well, as it’s a 7 ct. pack I’ll link up all the participating items later today.  Here’s a scenario I’m planning on doing:

Buy 10 Crystal Light Pure @ $2.00 each

Pay $20, get $10 back in the form of a Catalina Coupon

Total after Catalina coupon is factored in $10!

This makes each box of Crystal Light Pure $1 each!

I think this is an amazing deal, and I’m really excited about stocking up on it again!

How do you like to drink water? Can you drink it plain, or do you need to add something to it?

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